I went from co-building a multi-million dollar company that raised money from investors to one day Mondays started to feel like Mondays. I was exhausted in my own company because in pursuit of profit, I forgot what the purpose was for pursuing it.

After a series of events, which you can learn more about here, I had to walk away from my company. After leaving, I realized that I wasn’t just tired from chasing profit with no purpose, I was tired of experiencing how hard it is to grow a company as a female founder. I was tired of seeing the same ol’ inflated stories about “successful” female founders without any recognition that behind close doors, there is a battle, a battle to keep our companies afloat with little to no resources. I was tired of hearing how hard it is for us in the media with virtually no solutions being offered other than to wait until investors choose to see us.

I refuse to wait anymore. Instead of waiting on change to happen, I discovered that we can make it happen. Get Sh!t Done is my way of making it happen along with the badass female founders that I’m honored to know.

If you’re ready for change, join the Get Sh!t Done movement. We’re waiting for you :)