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Get Sh!t Done is a movement taking female founders from inspiration to activation

by showing you how to grow your company.

How do you effectively delegate and put the right systems in place as you grow?
— Nicole

Have you ever listened to stories of successful entrepreneurs, were super inspired, motivated, and ready to get sh!t done but the moment you’re ready to take on the world, you stop dead in your tracks and think “Wait…How the f*ck did they do that?!

Whether it’s raising money from investors, getting featured in an established publication, hiring your first employee, etc., every founder found a way to get sh!t done. However, the nitty gritty details that matter tend to get lost in the stories we hear about successful entrepreneurs.


$ is a motivator for people, how do you get them to sign on when you don’t have the capital to attract really good talent? What resources can you leverage?
— Jasmine


Get Sh!t Done was born out of my frustration of hearing about how hard it is for female entrepreneurs with little solutions being offered for how to fix it other than getting more investors to invest in us. After interviewing over 100 female founders, I found that raising capital from investors was a small part of the problem. What female founders wanted to understand was how to get sh!t done. More importantly, how other women get sh!t done because just hearing success stories from a ton of white male entrepreneurs, gets kinda old. It's time we redefine what success looks like.
It's not just a Zuckerberg, Gates, and Buffet and it's also not just female entrepreneurs who have billion dollar valuations....

How do you prepare for succession? As entrepreneurs what will it be like when we’re gone?
— Desiree

Every week, you’ll learn one key actionable take away on how to grow your company by learning from other

Badass Babes

who have already done it.

Each week, you'll learn how a variety of women with different backgrounds redefined what success looked like and created value on their own terms...

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