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The Get Sh!t Done Accelerator is focused on helping our female founders build repeatable, sustainable, and scaleable traction so they have the power to choose how they grow. As mentioned in Why We've Failed Female Entrepreneurs & What We Can Do About, you can help her get there. Follow her, check out her company, spread the word, reach out to her, purchase her products, utilize her service, make an intro if you love what she's doing.

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Cassandra lam

Cassandra Lam is a community builder, entrepreneur, activist, and wellness advocate currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California, she is the proud first generation daughter of Vietnamese refugees. Prior to taking the leap to pursue an entrepreneurial path, Cassandra was a consultant frequently clocking 60+ hour weeks and living out of a suitcase. In a corporate environment that rewarded “always-on” working styles, she witnessed how burnout, stress, and anxiety wreaked havoc on employees, including herself. To cope, she turned to her longtime yoga practice, meditation, and the eastern medicine & wellness rituals of her childhood, eventually pursuing her yoga teacher certification (RYT-200) from Woom Center in NYC.

After experiencing firsthand the human cost of “productivity” on her health, she was determined to change the way we live and work with a focus on wellness. As CEO and cofounder of The Cosmos, Cassandra leverages her multidisciplinary lens to create community, content, and experiences for Asian women to feel strong, supported, and healthy. Since launching March 2018, The Cosmos has hosted 100+ workshops, expanded to 10 cities nationwide, produced 3 sold-out wellness retreats, and launched the first book club for Asian women. Most recently, they produced The Cosmos Summit: the first large-scale experiential conference featuring art, workshops, speakers, and a vendor market for 250 Asian women attendees.

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Christina broderick

Christina Broderick is clinically trained Licensed Social Worker who is passionate about the fuse of mental health and education and overall, committed to student success. She currently is the business owner of IgnitEDU, LLC, which provides content, creation and connection for students, families and organizations on the pillars of mental health, academic success and financial literacy; a School Social Worker for a national charter network; a 2019 Mentor Coach for America Needs You, a national non-profit that fights for economic mobility for ambitious first-generation college students and an Associate Board Member for America Needs You.

Christina has provided mental health counseling and support for over hundreds of middle school and high school students in individual and group settings. She’s worked in K-12 educational settings, as well as higher education since 2012. Christina has provided services for all types of students, including low-income students, students with disabilities, and those suffering with severe mental illness. In addition to mental health, she is passionate about social justice, acquiring a $10,000 NJ state grant for the development and implementation of Anti-Poverty Civic and Community Engagement Fellowship for juniors and seniors in high school. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, with a minor in Spanish from La Salle University in Philadelphia and a Master's Degree in Social Work from Boston University. Christina has lived in Los Angeles, California serving with AmeriCorps, spent a summer on an island in Spain studying Spanish, loves playing sports and is a proud first-generation college graduate and first-generation Jamaican American.

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Naysa mishler

Naysa is an entrepreneur and data-driven marketer who uses technology and social capital to transform traditional industries. For the past decade, she’s helped companies like LinkedIn, Citi and WeWork launch new products, acquire and inspire customers and expand into new markets.

Everest Effect is a modern, simple approach to the complex world of disaster relief. Our online platform puts critical resources directly into the hands of impacted individuals to accelerate their recovery. We’re building a relief marketplace so donors can see what’s needed moments and even months following a disaster, and purchase items like diapers, water filters and supplies for people in need. Brands can also mobilize their products, services, and talent, and invite stakeholders to take action alongside them.

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ALice kong

Gather is a women-only, social and professional club created to facilitate longer-lasting and more meaningful relationships over dinner parties in NYC. In fast-paced and oftentimes lonely cities where everyone is constantly glued to their screens, it can be difficult to find the time and place to truly connect. We are trying to bring back old school, in-person interaction over a casual meal for entrepreneurial, freelance and remote-working women (oftentimes the most isolated group due to unconventional working environments). These days we talk a lot about physical, mental, and emotional health, but not as much about social health. Gather seeks to give women a place to socialize in a welcoming environment where there is no agenda besides enriching conversation and connection.

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VEmber conner

Ayurvedic skincare formulated based on an individual’s dosha. Cāru's three signature scentsare created with dosha-specific essential oils to balance the mind, and the face oils areblended for specific skin type that we’d expect for your dosha.

They explicitly offer a mind-body-connected organic beauty line which is based in ancient Ayurvedic medicine/wisdom to be mass marketed for US (eventually European/Asian) for beautifully youthful and glowing skin and a poised mental state. Educate: Use only sustainable ingredients that are organic. Share self care rituals that help balance fast paced lives. Share eastern modalities to offset traditional western viewpoints.

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Candice smith

Candice is a sex educator and Harvard graduate in the study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality. A Teach for America alumna with a Masters in Education, she initially founded an edtech company providing virtual intervention to underprivileged students. As an educator, her main focus was on increasing engagement through gameplay and Experiential Learning projects. Years later, when the #metoo movement began, Candice realized that our flawed sex education system was impacting more than just our limited knowledge of sexual anatomy - it was keeping us from healthy intimate communication as adults. Years of Experiential Learning work with students had shown her the power of the method in building confidence and communication skills. She realized this hands-on learning approach could be used to redefine sex education - namely, helping adults have better sexual communication and more intimate relationships.

In 2018, she co-founded Two to Tango with her partner Luke and created Sexperiential Learning™, a new kind of sex education for adults that distills the science of better sex and relationships into hands-on, pleasure-positive guided activities that encourage connection through communication. These sexperiences in a box, called The KinkKit, have already helped hundreds of couples begin to deepen their intimacy. Candice's expertise and work has been featured in dozens of international publications, including Oprah Magazine, Allure, NBC News, Cosmopolitan, mindbodygreen, Buzzfeed, Bustle, AskMen, HelloGiggles, BABE Mag, and more. Candice intends to become a thought leader in the sexual wellness space. Some of her near-future goals include a certification in Clinical Sexology and speaking on the TEDx stage.

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nassim abdi | Founder, storybolt & Docademia

Nassim has 12 years of academic teaching experience and was the leading actress in a Venice Film Festival award-winning film. Her vision for StoryBolt was shaped by the life-changing experience of the film as it engaged her in Q&A sessions and exposed her to the power of films and how candid human connections could change the perspectives of people.

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suan kim.jpg


Suan Kim is the founder of My Fashion Crate, the monthly subscription box for fashion lovers.

 Living in fashion capital New York and working in multiple fashion companies, she found herself easily discovering trendy styles & brands and of course, sales! She noticed how much friends and co-workers enjoy hearing about cool brands and new sample sales around the block and so... the concept was born! My Fashion Crate!   

At My Fashion Crate, it is truly her greatest desire to help you find fashion effortless, accessible and fun.

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