Get Sh!t Done’s mission is to support female entrepreneurs in having the optionality to scale successful companies on their terms by helping them build $1M+businesses in order to redefine what success looks like for women entrepreneurs to thrive within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We believe that female entrepreneurs are one of the most untapped economic resources that have the ability to contribute to the economy through job creation, innovation, and economic development.

We’ve made it our mission to reshape the outcomes for female entrepreneurs by centralizing and curating growth and scale resources that will enable them to scale successful companies long-term.



I became an entrepreneur at 19 while attending the University of Chicago. It’s the only profession I know. There’s something cathartic for me in building nothing into something. I’ll never forget my first time. The first time coming up with the idea. The first time feeling that exhiliration of bringing that idea into fruition. The first time assembling a team. The first time pitching an investor. The first time having hard conversations about what’s next. The first time failing.

If it weren’t for my first time, it wouldn’t have led me to the second-time, where I experienced co-founding a multi-million dollar company, raising $3M in funding, scaling out operations, etc. However, it was an uphill battle. As I experienced scaling success, the less women I saw around. I soon realized that even though women were starting companies at an exponentially higher rate than our male counterparts, the majority weren’t receiving the resources needed to scale successfully.

When I resigned from my last company, I went on a mission. I spent thousands of hours unraveling women’s scaling challenges. I discovered how we can we reshape the outcomes for female-founded businesses by giving them access to the growth and scale resources required to scale successfully while giving them the power to choose how they do it.

I built Get Sh!t Done to give female entrepreneurs access to the blueprints, gain the know-how, and receive the tools for scaling to $1M and beyond. I want female entrepreneurs to have the power to choose owning 100% of their companies while still scaling successfully. I want female entrepreneurs to have the power to get into the room with investors and have leverage to negotiate a deal in their favor. I want to move us from surviving to thriving so we have the power to choose how we fulfill brining the vision we have for our companies to light.

If you’re ready to get sh!t done and scale successfully, join the movement. We’re waiting for you :)

Keep Shining Queen,

Founder & CEO, Get Sh!t Done